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CREDAI Maharashtra

About Kushal

Kushal is a partnership project between CREDAI Pune Metro and National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC). This programme was conceived to improve the skills of the construction workforce in India. To put it simply, the aim of this programme is to upgrade the skills of 100,000 construction workers in the next 10 years time period. Launched in June 2011, this programme has been a pioneer in creating a unique on-the-job skill-training programme for the construction workers.

KUSHAL Varta Dec-12 to Jan-13 Kushal is changing the face of training and skill building for construction workers in India. In less than 2 years Kushal has developed a unique and successful model that helps construction workers to learn while they earn. The absence of proper training programmes has kept the construction worker from progressing in his field and the lack of a defined career path has thwarted his aspirations. The Kushal training programme help construction workers learn technical skills faster and that in turn help them progress faster, increasing their income level at the same time.

This programme has done wonders for the construction industry. The construction workers have earned skills that have helped then progress faster and earn better. Contractors who have a skilled workforce can produce more with less. Developers now have construction sites where wastage is minimal, construction quality is high and customers are content.

Within a short span of time Kushal has received wide acclaim. This programme has already received prestigious national as well as international recognition

  • The UK India Skill Forum Award, under the Best Skills Provider – Government Funded category at the FICCI Annual Global Skills Summit, Sep 2011, New Delhi
  • CIDC Vishwakarma Award - Achievement Award for Construction Skills Development, June 2012, New Delhi
  • Construction Week India Awards - First runner up in the ‘Excellence in CSR Award’, Sep 2012, Mumbai


The mission of Kushal is to train 100,000 construction workers in the next 10 years.This training programme is carried out in 6 trades

  • Bar-bending
  • Shuttering
  • Masonry
  • Tiling
  • Plumbing
  • Painting

Kushal aims to provide quality training to all 100,000 workers. The following ensures that quality is maintained while numbers are achieved.

  • Seasoned Trainers: Employing seasoned trainers who are well versed in theoretical as well practical aspects. Trainers are given refresher courses every month to ensure that the latest innovations and construction practices are passed on to the workers
  • Rich Course Content: Course content has been created from group up keeping the construction workers in mind. The trainer handbooks have daily teaching instructions in an illustrative and easy-to-understand format. Video modules, that explain techniques and construction practices in great detail, have also been included
  • Quality Evaluation: Evaluation is done by an external / credible agency to ensure that fairness in certification is maintained. A combination of trainer’s feedback, theoretical, practical and objective evaluation ensures that certification is stringent



  • To provide quality training to construction workers that will help them progress in their field and earn better remuneration
  • To uplift the morale and make construction workers professionals like their counterparts in developed countries
  • To improve the quality of life of the construction workers through improved social skills
  • To ensure that material wastages at site go down and high quality product is delivered
  • To create a learning environment that is willingly embraced by construction workers from all over the country that will help them progress, prosper and achieve


Builders Association Of India

BAI - Builders' Association of India (BAI) was formed in 1941 in Pune with guidance from Brigadier Jackson, who also allotted office space in the Military Compound. The then office of BAI, aptly named 'Jackson Hut' in his memory, is still being used by BAI. During last more than 70 years since its inception, BAI movement has grown in leaps and bounds and at present has 130 Centres spread over the length and breadth of the Country, with its headquarters at Mumbai.

With a direct membership of 13,000 constructors and indirect membership of 50,000 through various regional Associations affiliated to it, BAI by virtue of its size is the only true spokesman for this core industry. It safeguards the interests of the Indian construction industry against unjust government legislations and at the same time promotes adherence to fair government legislations by its members. Its aims and objects speak for themselves. In its 70 years of existence, BAI has been looking after the needs of the industry, by making positive headway.


CQRA is a specialist organization that provides Third Party Inspection, Quality Assurance, Training and Consulting Services for enhancing Quality & Safety at construction projects.CQRA is the only organization in India to have developed an objective audit system that rates quality and safety on a 10 point scale.

CQRA has joined hands with Construction Industry Development Council promoted by Planning Commission ( Govt. of India ) to audit and certify the construction quality of buildings.The CIDC- CQRA Quality Certification is an endeavour aimed at empowering the property buyers.


Teri –TERI was formally established in 1974 with the purpose of tackling and dealing with the immense and acute problems that mankind is likely to face within in the years ahead on account of the gradual depletion of the earth's finite energy resources which are largely non-renewable and on account of the existing methods of their use which are polluting. Over the years the Institute has developed a wider interpretation of this core purpose and its application. Consequently, TERI has created an environment that is enabling, dynamic and inspiring for the development of solutions to global problems in the fields of energy, environment and current patterns of development, which are largely unsustainable. The Institute has grown substantially over the years, particularly, since it launched its own research activities and established a base in New Delhi, its registered headquarters. The central element of TERI’s philosophy has been its reliance on entrepreneurial skills to create benefits for society through the development and dissemination of intellectual property. The strength of the Institute lies in not only identifying and articulating intellectual challenges straddling a number of disciplines of knowledge but also in mounting research, training and demonstration projects leading to development of specific problem-based advanced technologies that help carry benefits to society at large.


PCERF- Pune Construction Engineering Research Foundation (PCERF) is an NGO registered under Sec. 25 of Companies Act 1956, established in 1983. Eminent Civil Engineers, architects, Consultants and Builders came together and decided to serve Construction Industry by solving day to day problems and creating awareness about the latest technological developments in Construction Industry.

Last 25 years, PCERF is working hard to improve quality, knowledge, technology, research and developments in various fields of the Construction Industry by arranging workshops, seminars, conferences, refresher courses, competitions, and publications from the grass root level of skilled, semi- skilled, and unskilled workers, students, Engineers, Architects and fresh entrepreneurs.

IIEDR ( Indian Institute of Entrepreneurship Development and Research) : Jnanada Pratishthan aims towards developing this institute as one of the best institutes in the country with a priority focus on Entrepreneurship Development and Research. Our mission is to empower the students to pursue their dream of becoming a courageous, innovative entrepreneur with fighting spirit and unending confidence, thus transforming youth for the development of prosperous India.