NATCON 2017 London 10/11/12 August 2017
CREDAI Maharashtra


  • CREDAI MAHARASHTRA successfully filed multiple writ petitions against Govt. og Maharashtra on the applicability of VAT with retrospective effect. The state ultimately gave an affidavit in the Bombay High Court withdrawing the notices issued to the developers.
  • CREDAI MAHARASHTRA registers highest attendance at CREDAI's NATCON 2010. 234 menbers of CREDAI MAHARASHTRA attended NATCON 2010 held at DUBAI in Jan 2010.
  • CREDAI MAHARASHTRA holds the State level Convention biannually titled "Advantage Maharashtra" (jointly with MCHI); and also holds several city & regional level conference & technical seminars.
  • Members of CREDAI MAHARASHTRA holds the Exhibitions in various cities across the state & also participates in exhibitions organized by CREDAI INDIA in the Gulf viz. Dubai, Muscut, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, London(U.K), U.S.A., far-east etc.
  • CREDAI MAHARASHTRA has initiated several real estate market research projects to locate/understand the demand-supply ratio in the various cities.
  • CREDAI MAHARASHTRA protested against the steep rise in the prices of cement, steel & other construction materials, which would translate into the escalation in the prices to the property purchasers.
  • CREDAI MAHARASHTRA has formulated a model code of conduct, which is mandatory for it's member.
    • To enable transparency in the business practices in each & every project.
    • To ensure the quality of construction & timely completion with a focus on the infrastructure needs & labor welfare.
    • To ensure consistency in the business practices across the country.
  • CREDAI MAHARASHTRA has been instrumental in persuading the Government of Maharashtra not to raise the valuation of real estate for the year 2009.
  • The State Housing Policy announced by the Government of Maharashtra, a first in the country, is the outcome of the convention Advantage Maharashtra.
  • CREDAI MAHARASHTRA has represented the organized real estate developers/builders across the state to the government on the various issues at various points of time. This has resulted in the following measures.
    • Expedite sanctions of the projects by encouraging the adoption of fast track mechanism by the local government authorities.
    • Proactive policies for the IT & IT based services in the form of property tax concessions etc.
    • Opening of the FDI market in the real estate to enable the slum rehabilitation & low income/low cost housing.